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Liability Insurance for Technology Professionals

Do you run an IT support business? IT professionals are often in high demand to help business customers manage their systems and deal with any technological disasters that could befall them. Although working in IT might be extremely rewarding, if you happen to mess up or endure an equipment failure it could have a potentially devastating effect on your clients and/or their business. You should have technology insurance in the event that a slip-up you or a staff member makes causes long-term damage to a client’s business and you happen to be found liable.

Professional liability insurance aimed toward the IT industry should usually afford protection for IT professionals and their clients against liability claims arising from a slip-up or an equipment malfunction. This typically includes coverage for the price tag on defending yourself and any required payout up to the policy limit. Added coverage could be purchased in the form of an umbrella policy.

Professional liability insurance must be purchased independently to general commercial liability which doesn’t usually provide coverage for damage caused as a result of a programming error or failure to deliver a product as requested. For just about any questions concerning professional liability or any other type of technology insurance contact one of our agents.

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