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Nokia camera 41 MP Ready to Release This Month

Nokia announced it will launch the Nokia 808 PureView in this month. This is a smartphone which previously exhibited at theMobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, smartphones withtechnologies that can take 41 megapixel images.
Nokia will launch this Symbian based mobile phones in selectedmarkets. The two countries are the main choice Nokia is Russiaand India.
Not explained how Nokia will launch date PureView 808. Also not known when the phone is ready to be launched in Europe, the United States and other countries.
Even so, there is a predicted 808 PureView will release dated May 7, 2012 in the United Kingdom.
PureView have improved image performance standard in the smartphone industry as a whole
Nokia 808 is using a high resolution of 41 MP sensor, a Carl Zeissoptics and pixel oversampling technology. This means that despiteusing a standard resolution of 5 MP, the picture is not broken whenthe zoom, because the sensor super-owned high-resolution7728x5368 pixels have a starting point, or the equivalent of 41 MP.
“People will think the focus up to 41 megapixel sensor. Yet the realquantum leap is how the pixel is used to obtain good quality imagesin any resolution,” the statement delivered Nokia.
Nokia 808 also features HD video recording and playback 1080pvideo with lossless zoom capability of up to 4 times.
As a smartphone, the Nokia 808 also features the ability to adjustthe size of the compact, making it easy to be shared through email,MMS, and social networking.


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